Joy’s Rant List: Volume 50: Sex Packets, Part 4-B: MORE Sex, Lies and Videotape

Previously, on “Sex Packets…”

(Nah, I ain’t recapping. Just go read the previous entry or this won’t make sense.)


Tyrese looked down at the bed where his wife was passed out. What the hell? He thought. Is she dead? He poked her.  “T… T, wake up…Taraji?”  He shook her hard enough to wake her.  And he ignored the fact that it felt good to his ego to shake her kinda hard.

Taraji moaned and opened her eyes. She realized where she was, and what was happening. She hastily remove the vibrator, but she couldn’t suppress an ‘aftershock’ shudder as she removed it.  When she sat up, it was to face an angry husband.  “…What’s wrong?”  She was truly confused as to why he was frowning at her.  “Did you get the shot you wanted?” She asked.

“Yeah, I got the shot. The shot of you passing out with that damn vibrator.  What was that about?” Tyrese accused her with his eyes.

Taraji just stared dumbfounded at him. “I don’t know.  You told me to use it, so I did.  It felt good.  So I came.  What’s wrong with that?”  She asked as she rose to approach him.

“Nothing.” Tyrese snatched the vibrator from her hand and tossed it to the floor.  “I’m just saying.  We’ve been married for 7 years, been banging for 9, and you’ve never passed out before.  Makes me wonder…”  He started to position the camera on the tripod, and got busy fumbling with the controls again and pointedly not making eye contact with Taraji.  She reached for his chin to get him to face her but he jerked away.  “Just go lay down on the bed so we can finish this movie.”  He snapped at her.

 “HEY!” Taraji got up in Tyrese’s face.  “Looka here – it was YOUR idea to make a movie.  YOUR idea to use a vibrator YOU bought. And now you wanna get mad because I liked it?  Go to hell, ‘Reese!”  Taraji pushed at his chest and tried to leave the room, but he grabbed her in a bear hug.

Tyrese looked at his wife and accepted the fact that he put them in this place. He was NOT going to puss out about the damn vibrator.  It was a freaking machine.  He took a deep breath and shook off his bullshit.  He’d just gotten his wife to star in a home porno.  He’d better suck it up or else.  “I’m sorry baby.  I’m just tripping.  I just didn’t have any idea you would react so… strongly to it.  Let’s finish the movie.”  He started rubbing her back and rocking back and forth with her – actions that he knew would calm her down.  After a while, she agreed to get back to filming.

This time, there was no vibrator. Tyrese set up the camera, and they started over with foreplay.  She played with him, and he played with her – for a really long time, just to be sure…  Then, they played with each other.  After a few minutes, Tyrese added a little Astro-glide before getting down to his business.

She wants a machine, I’ll give her a machine. With those thoughts driving him, he commenced to putting in back breaking work on her.  He lifted her up, tossed her around, even held her upside down.  All the while, Tyrese kept checking the camera to make sure it was still recording.

Taraji hissed “Stop looking at the camera!” She was certain it was going to mess up the movie. He dismounted and went over to the tripod.

“I want to get some close up shots,” he said. “Get into doggie for me.” He came up behind her and tried to enter her while holding the camera.  After a couple of pumps, he slipped out.  He tried again, angling the camera to get a good view of himself at the point of penetration.  He slipped out again.  “How do the porn stars get these close up shots without slipping out?”

“They are longer so…” Immediately, Taraji cursed her loose tongue and analytical mind.  Had she just insulted her husband in the middle of sex?  She closed her eyes when she felt him pause and pull out.  


“I mean they have a third person holding the camera so it’s easier.” Taraji tried to clean it up.

“That’s not what you said. But whatever.  Those guys are freaks of nature.  Whatever.  Just… just lay on your back and pull your legs up.  Let’s try it that way.”  Taraji complied with Tyrese’s request and spread herself as wide as she could so he could get his shot.  He stroked for a long time trying to get it right…  Too long.

“Uhh – baby can you grab the lube? I’m starting to dry out.”  The friction was becoming uncomfortable.

“Oh so now I’m small AND can’t keep you wet?” He tried to say it jokingly, but Tyrese was clearly starting to get in his feelings more than a little bit.

“No babe! It’s just the air in here is drying me out.  You’ve got me all spread-eagled to the sky.  Help a sister out.”  She tried to lighten his mood.

Tyrese grumbled as he got off the bed. “You could at least act like you want it.  I mean this is a movie.” Tyrese mumbled.

Taraji sat up. “Okay, see, I knew this was a bad idea.  You’re all pissy now because I’m drying out?  It’s 60 freaking degrees in here – what do you expect?  And it’s not like I don’t want you.  But this isn’t sexy!! This is crazy.  You keep stopping mid-stroke to look at the camera!  Where is the ‘romance’ in that?”  She was starting to get really angry at him for his attitude.  “If this is going to make you get all insecure we can just stop right now.”  She reached for her robe.

“No! No!  I want this – for real.  Let’s just put the camera back on the stand and keep going.”  He replaced the camera and looked down at himself.  And down was the appropriate word.  He started stroking himself to get back in the game, but every time he looked at her, he thought of her comment.  He knew she was right.  They’d even discussed the crazy size of the porn stars before.  But still.  He stood there for a moment, stewing in his internal strife.

Taraji looked at him, and her eyes softened. “Come here baby, let me take care of you.”  She crawled across the bed and took him in hand.  “Awww, is the baby sleepy?  Let’s see if I can wake him up.”  She began to work him over with her mouth, and he was back in the saddle in no time.

Tyrese shook off his attitude and got back to business. He would show her who was the man around here!  He ran through everything in his arsenal:  Missionary.  Doggie style. Cowgirl.  Reverse Cowgirl. Some ol’ Kama Sutra shit they found online, but that gave Tyrese a cramp in his calf so it was back to doggie style.  As he got close to finishing, he whispered “Bae, turn over…”

Taraji turned over, expecting to go back into cowgirl – and got hit with a face full of hot and sticky…

That son of a bitch! was all she could think. This was NOT agreed to!  But, she let him completely finish with her lips pursed and eyes shut tight.  She absolutely did not want it in her eyes.  She was convinced it was why all the hoes in her high school had gotten the pink-eye back in the day.  She could feel it going everywhere, and knew she would never feel clean again. When he was done, she just sat perfectly still.  Eyes still closed.  She could hear him going around and turning off the music, the camera, and then opening the door.

“So you’re just gonna clean the room up and not get this shit off me, huh?” she yelled out. “Can you at least bring me a towel, muthafucka?” She kept her eyes closed until she felt a warm towel hit her hand, which she grabbed and scrubbed at her face like leprosy was on it.

“Sorry baby.” Tyrese watched her clean herself like a cat on cocaine. “You know, in the movies, the girls always take it in the face and rub it in and wipe it around….”

“Don’t make me beat yo’ ass, ‘Reese.” Taraji was no longer in the mood – for anything.  She got up and went to the bathroom to take the longest, hottest shower she could.

VIDEOTAPE/DVD/BLUE RAY in HD (HD – High Definition)

An hour later, they sat in front of the TV to watch the playback in the living room. “Here goes nothing,” Tyrese said.  “Thanks for doing this, T.  I love you.”  He kissed her on the cheek.

“I love you too, darling. But just so we’re clear – that was your one movie, got it?”  In Taraji’s opinion, this was just too much trouble.  She leaned into him as they started the movie.

Both were silent as they watched themselves on the big screen. Taraji broke the silence.  “Look at those muscles flexing!  You look good, boo.”  She smiled at him.

“So do you, bae. I just wish I had known this was the angle.  We can’t really see your body, just mine.  I’d rather see yours.”  He leaned forward and started watching with a critical eye.

As she began to service him on screen, he noticed that her facial expression was one of annoyance. Tyrese turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  “Why do you look mad?”

“What?” She said innocently.  “I was focused.  That’s hard work, son!”  She giggled.  “Besides, look at me now!”  On screen, she was riding him like a prized stallion.  As she looked at herself, she thought: Wow, he was right about the Brazilian. I’ll never say that out loud, though.

“I was right about the Brazilian, huh?” Tyrese chimed in as if he’d read her mind.

She punched him in the shoulder playfully. “Yeah, but you should have shaved your hairy ass too!”  She shot back.

“You’re right. Too bad this is the only movie we’re making!”  He chuckled.  They continued to watch until they got to the attempted close up shots.  You could hear them arguing.  Tyrese ground his molars together for a second.  He felt Taraji gearing up to give him a pep talk that might possibly have emasculated him for life.

She began in an irritatingly patronizing voice: “It’s really just –“

“I’ll just edit out all the bad stuff later,” he said, cutting her off before she got started. “And I’m leaving in your little line about taking care of me.  That sounds straight out of a 70’s movie.”  He chuckled.

“You calling me corny?” She playfully smacked at his butt.

“Noooo… Yes.”  They both laughed, easing the tension.  They watched in relative silence up to the end– where he sprayed her.  “Oh man – look at your face!  You look like I was peeing on you or something!”  He doubled over laughing.

“I’m glad you think this is funny, you jerk. You know how I feel about cum.  I never said you could do that!”  She was mad all over again.

“Yeah, but you didn’t say I couldn’t”. Tyrese smiled at her. Secretly, that was the only reason he’d listened to her extended list of rules – to make sure that she didn’t say it.  She’d forgotten about that part, and he knew that was a one-time shot.   “Actually, the whole movie turned out pretty good.  I just wish we could get some better close-up shots of me and you.  My hand was shaking…”  He looked at her.

“ONE TIME, ‘Reese. That’s what we agreed to and that’s all you’re going to get!  There’s no way I’m letting you cum on me like that again. AND, you got it in my hair so that’s $100 out the damn door.  Your little porn career is about to start costing too much.”   She crossed her arms and gave him her best mean mug.


Two weeks later…

“Thanks for lettin’ me crash here tonight, ‘Reese.” Omar said, slurring his words.  “I don’t think I coulda made it home.”  He tripped into the house behind Tyrese.  “I’mma just lay on the floor right here.”

“Shhh – Taraji is probably asleep. Just get to the couch and – …da fuck?”  Tyrese and Omar came around the corner to find Taraji – very much NOT asleep.  She had the TV on loud and was watching a vintage porno… and using the vibrator.  She was moaning so loudly that she hadn’t heard the door open.

Taraji gasped “What the hell!!”

“Oh shit!!” yelled Omar

“What is going on in here?” asked Tyrese, his eyes spitting fire.

“What the hell are YOU doing bringing people to the house? You coulda called before you came!”  Taraji tried to sound indignant as she wrapped a blanket around herself.

“And YOU coulda waited for ME before YOU came! Damn, T, for real!” Tyrese crossed his arms, waiting for an explanation. Taraji just stood there, looking uncomfortable.

“Hey, lishen, I don’ wanna be in the middle of this, with your dildoes, and your freaky things –“

“Shut up Omar!”

“And your sex tape –“

“Wait WHAT!?!?!” Taraji turned to Tyrese, now spitting fire from her own eyes.  “You TOLD him about our movie? You said you wouldn’t tell anyone!  I can’t believe you!”  Taraji looked hurt and disappointed.

“Don’t try to turn this around on me, Taraji. Why.  Were.   You. Using. A. Vibrator?”  Tyrese stood his ground and demanded an answer.

“You were supposed to be out all night! I was horny.  And it was just sitting in that box.  I still would have set you out when you got home IF you hadn’t been bringing people with you!” Taraji screamed back at him.

“Lower your voice woman. You starting to act like a real unstable creature right now.  Real unstable, Taraji.  I’m just saying.  Tell me the truth.  You been using that thing on the regular?”

“She probably has. My ex-wife loves hers.  She keeps extra rechargeable batteries in her night stand.” Omar contributed to the conversation with a hiccup.  “And Tarashee, you gon’ ease up on my man tryna act all holy.  Don’t act like you ain’t told nobody.”

Taraji looked at Omar warily. “We both said we wouldn’t tell ANYONE –“

“Yeah, but Monique called me the night it all went down. So you told her, huh? So why can’t he tell me?  See, ‘Reese, you can’t trust broads.”  Omar sat down on the couch and almost immediately started snoring.

Tyrese and Taraji just stared at each other. Neither made a move towards reconciliation.

“I think I’m going to sleep in the guest room.” Tyrese said.

“Yeah, you do that.” Replied Taraji.

“Why don’t you take your little battery operated boyfriend with you, then?” he shouted.

“I think I will! At least my vibrator doesn’t get all in his feelings like you!” she screamed.

“Fine! Maybe I will just go out to Magic City and find me a girlfriend!” Tyrese shot back.  He immediately regretted his words when he saw the hurt look on his wife’s face.  “T…  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it.  I’m so sorr – ooof!!” He lost his breath when Taraji kicked him in the solar plexus and knocked him to the floor.  She jumped on top of him and started windmilling her arms, forcing him to protect himself.


“Muthafucka don’t you EVER think you gonna cheat on me ‘cuz I will kill YOU AND HER if you even so much as breathe on another female and don’t think I can’t do it because I will go in that kitchen right now and –“ Tyrese had to flip her and pin her to the floor.  By this time the blanket had come off.  The anger Taraji was feeling only escalated as Tyrese laughed at her attempts to beat on him.  She squirmed against him, but he held her still.

“Calm down, wildcat! You aint’ gotta be jealous.  I was just talking noise.  You know I love you.”  He started to kiss her and let her feel his erection.  Her naked squirming had gotten him heated.  He unzipped himself and nudged his way into her.  She started to protest but angry sex had also always been one of their ‘things’.  As he started to press into her she stopped him.

“Wait – what about Omar? He’s right over there!”  She tried to look over Tyrese’s shoulder.

“He had a whole bottle of Grey Goose. He ain’t waking up for a while.” Tyrese said.  Then he lifted her legs to seat himself even deeper inside her.  The idea of getting caught was turning him on, anyway.  And judging from her response it was turning her on too.  She started to open more for him.  He cupped her behind to bring her closer.  Both of them were riding a fast wave to the top –

“Damn, if this is what y’all’s movie looked like, that shit must be boring as hell.” Omar said from the couch.  He got up and weaved toward the door.  “Take me home, ‘Reese.  Y’all are getting on my nerves with this freaky shit.  Brother can’t even get a nap up in here.”

Rant #50 AND the Sex Packets series are done, and I’m out!!


Joy’s Rant List, Volume 49: Sex Packets, Part 4-A: Sex, Lies & Videotape

In case you forgot… Yadda yadda yadda – None of this is me. Yadda yadda yadda – Remember “a hit dog hollers”.  This time, names from the ghetto-classic movie “Baby Boy” will be used because this is some stupid ish they would do.  LOL!  


“And so Jerry said they argued all the way to the hospital! He was driving slower than normal so he could keep laughing at them!“  Taraji continued to regale Tyrese with the crazy ambulance adventures of her cousin Jerry.

“And you’re saying this guy got beads stuck up his behind and he didn’t know?” Tyrese was cracking up laughing, any pity long gone.

“Yes! And then he got mad at his wife for putting them in there! Apparently she made them herself. Do-it-yourself anal beads?  Who does that?” Taraji finished pouring the wine and moved to join Tyrese on the couch.  “But his partner tried to post the whole thing on and got fired.  Idiot.”

“Yeah, that was dumb.” Tyrese positioned himself to allow Taraji to cuddle into his side.  He grabbed the remote and started the movie.  This was a monthly ritual for them – wine, popcorn, chocolate and a vintage adult movie.  Tonight, it was Debbie Does Dallas. “You know, this was the first porno I ever saw,” Tyrese told her. “I was twelve years old, and I snuck it out of my dad’s stash.  He beat me good when he found out.” He said.

“Really? Well then, this is like a reunion of sorts for you.” Taraji said.  “And twelve? Wow, you’ve been nasty for a long time!”  She giggled and snuggled closer to him.

“Yeah, but you like it.” He pulled her legs onto his lap and began caressing her calves while the movie played. One thing led to another and they finished the night with another monthly ritual – sex throughout the house. As Taraji went to clean up, Tyrese decided it was the right time to test out his new idea. When she returned to the couch, he cleared his throat. “You know, babe, this is one of my favorite things that we do.  Something about watching the movie and then getting with you just takes it to another level.”

“I feel the same.” Taraji said. “At first this used to feel so taboo, but now I like it.  See, you turned me out, you nasty boy.” She playfully swatted him on the butt.

“You know what would take this to an even higher level?” Taraji looked confused, but Tyrese continued, “If we could watch ourselves on movie night.” He paused to let the implications sink in with her.

“What do you mean watch our- OH! You, uh, you want to make a movie?” There was incredulity and a little fear in her voice.

“Think about it, T. What could be better than watching your gorgeous body while I’m inside your gorgeous body?” Tyrese reinforced his words with a soft squeeze to her hips and a gentle kiss that soon turned heated.

Taraji gave in to the kiss for a minute, but then shoved at his chest. “Wait – We need to talk about this! You can’t just say ‘Let’s make a movie’ and then not elaborate! I’m not sure I’m down with this Tyrese.”  Taraji moved to a sitting position and straightened her clothes again.  “I’m fine with all the other kinky stuff we do, but movies are permanent.  What happens if we get divorced? Who gets the movie?  What happens if there’s a break-in?  What if the thieves sell it on eBay?” She gasped “What if we end up on WorldStar?!?!?!”  She started to hyperventilate just a bit.

The discussion went on well to the break of dawn. Taraji had decided to craft an agreement of sorts with Tyrese for how the filming would be handled. At that point, Tyrese was willing to agree to anything so she would shut up and he could just go to sleep.

“Okay, so here are the rules.” By 4:00 AM, Taraji was in full lawyer mode. “One – No sharing of this video. Ever.  Not with anyone but me.  Two – Nobody else knows we did this. Ever.  Three – If I don’t like the way I look, we have to erase it.  Four – This is the only movie we will ever make – You ain’t turning me into an amateur porn star.  Five – No third parties!”  Taraji looked down her nose at him with her best serious face.  “And I mean that, Tyrese.”

“Okay, okay – That’s all fine with me.” He sighed. “Anything else?”

“I have a list of songs we can use for background music.”

* Top of the World – Menace II Society Soundtrack; Lick – Triple X Soundtrack; Perfect Match – School Daze Soundtrack; Crown Royal – Jill Scott

(*These actually would make a good soundtrack for a movie or a ‘dance’.  Check them out if you’re interested.)

“Okay, great, we can put those on repeat while we are filming. Cool?”  Tyrese was beginning to think he didn’t even want to do this anymore, because she was taking all the fun out of his idea.

“And I need a month to get ready.” Taraji said.

“A month!?! What the hell for?” Tyrese was flabbergasted. “It’s just a video, and nobody is gonna see it but us.  What do you need to do to get ready for that?”

“I need to get my hair done – you know she stays booked up. And I need a manicure.  And pedicure…” Taraji droned on and on until Tyrese was just staring off into space.

“– And you need to hit the gym.” She finished.

“Wait – what? Why?” Tyrese was confused – and a little hurt.  Did she think he was getting fat?  He thought he looked fine.  All his clothes fit.  What was the issue?  “What’s wrong with me that I gotta go to the gym?”

“I’m just sayin’, boo. We both need to get a little tighter.  The camera adds 10 lbs, you know.  I’m telling you the truth because I love you.”  She said.  She blew him a kiss and jumped up from the couch.  “I’m gonna go download our playlist.  Oh!  And one more question?  Can I just keep my normal close fade or do I have to get a Brazilian?  Are we doing vintage or new age?”

Tyrese hesitated. “Uh… Well would you mind doing new age? I just think you will like it better on screen.” He gave her his best charming smile, hoping she would just go with it.

Taraji stabbed him with a piercing look. “Okay fine.  But if I’m gonna do it, then you’re gonna do it too.  I’d like to see you get YOUR pubic hairs ripped from the root ‘for the look’.”

“Baby, I’m a man. Real men don’t get Brazilians.”  Tyrese smiled smugly at her.

“Maybe not, but porn stars do. And that’s what you want to be, right? Long Dong Silver? Big Rock Obama?”  She kept staring at him until he reluctantly agreed.

“I’ll shave, but I ain’t getting no damn Brazillian.” Tyrese said – which was all Taraji wanted to achieve.


The next Saturday, Taraji met her best friend Monique at the spa. They were there to get mani-pedis… and one Brazilian. “Girl, I just don’t understand why you doin’ this. Are you nuts?  You ‘bout to be scratching for days.” Monique cast a sympathetic glance at Taraji from over the nail table.  “What’s the big deal anyway?  Is it his birthday or something?”

“Something like that.” Taraji hedged. She averted her eyes for the umpteenth time.

“Okay, just tell me what the hell is going on. You’ve been acting crazy since we got here.  And you’ve NEVER done this before.  It’s not his birthday, not an anniversary… What IS it?” Monique said.

“You promise not to tell?” Taraji eyed her nervously. “We both promised not to tell anyone so you can’t ever let him know that I told you!”

“Yes! I swear on a stack of bibles – now spill it.” Monique leaned in to hear the news. “….Tyrese wants to make a sex tape.” Taraji rushed it out in one breath.

There was a full beat of stunned silence before Monique burst out laughing. “Ooh, child!  That is too much!  Who are you, Kim Kardashian?  You betta tell Ray J to find another fool!”  By this time Monique was yelling and people were beginning to stare.  Taraji grabbed her friend and pulled her into the hallway to finish explaining.  When she did, all Monique had to say was: “See, that’s why you’re married and I’m not.  But, er, uh… when you make your debut on Worldstar, ‘Paris Hilton’, I will be sure to tell everyone I knew you before you blew up!  So, you ‘bout to get stripped clean for some amateur hour, huh?” Monique continued to giggle.

They finished their their spa treatments, and then the big moment arrived. “Stay with me, Mo’. I’m scared.” Taraji reached for Monique’s arm and walked towards the waxing room.

Monique snatched her arm back. “Uh – hell no! We’ve been friends for a long-ass time but what AIN’T about to happen is me getting up close and personal with your coochie.  That’s an extra hell naw! I’ll see you on the other side, R Kelly!”

Meanwhile… At the gym…

“Man, this is the fourth week straight you been in here lifting like a maniac. You gettin’ all cut up.  What you doing, dude?  You on that Herba-Life or something?”  Omar asked, while spotting Tyrese.

“Nah man, just trying to get tightened up for something soon.” Tyrese went into his fourth set of bench presses.

“For what? It’s a nekkid beach party going on that I don’t know about?” said Omar.

“Something like that.” Tyrese fell into silent reps while Omar stood over him.

After a few minutes of strained silence, Omar broke down. “Okay for real, tho.  You in here every damn day for a month, looking like you fresh out the joint, talking about some nekkid party that I’M not invited to.  How you gon’ do me like that, son?  You out getting your freak on and you ain’t sharing?” Omar set the bar back into the cradle and picked up some free weights.  “I mean, I’m pumped.  I’m getting cut.  I got money.  Why you holding out?”  He continued to complain through his set.

“Nah, it’s not like that at all. I got something going with the wife. You know I don’t cheat.” Tyrese moved over to the leg press.

“Ohhh… Y’all making a sex tape?”

Tyrese missed his rhythm and let the weights slam back down into place. “How the hell do you know about that??!?!” he sputtered.

“I didn’t. Ha!  You just told me!”  Omar gloated at his cleverness.  “Man, every time somebody gets the bright idea to do a sex tape, the first thing they do is run up in the gym trying to get cut.  Plus, you been scratching your nuts like crazy. Either you got an STD or razor bumps.  Ha-ha!  She made you shave!  Am I right?” Omar laughed at the face Tyrese made.  “But how in the hell did you get Taraji to agree to that?  She lose a bet or something?”

“No, it was – look, don’t tell her that you know about this okay? Nobody is supposed to know.  I swore I wouldn’t tell.”  Tyrese gave his mouthy friend a killing glare.

“Technically, you didn’t tell me. I’m smart.  I figured it out.” Omar countered.  “Do you even know what you’re doing?  You got enough lighting?  Most rooms are too dark to film a movie.  You need a white background.  What about the camera?  YO! Can I work the camera?!?!  C’mon dawg!”

“Aw hell naw. You trippin’!  Ain’t no way I’d let you or anybody else up in that room.  With my wife?!  You high or something?  Don’t make me beat your ass, O.”  Tyrese finished his set and gathered his things to leave.  “And you better NEVER say anything about this to ANYONE.  Keep.  Your mouth.  SHUT.” And with that, he walked off… only to return a few moments later.  “Uh, what do you mean about the lighting?”

VIDEOTAPE (Or DVD/BLUE RAY for the youngsters)

The following weekend, it was time to film. Tyrese had been doing extra crunches and pushups all week. Taraji hadn’t eaten in 38 hours and had gotten her hair done that morning.  They were filming in the bedroom, which now looked like some Arabian Nights fantasy.  Billowy white sheets had been hung on all the walls so that it could have a more fantasy-like feel.  Tyrese had also brought in all the lamps from the guest room and took the shades off, to brighten up the scene. No grainy film on this shoot! He thought.

“Okay! You ready?” Taraji came into the room in a red satin robe that she’d bought just for this occasion.

“Oh yeah, baby. Let’s do this.”  And with that, Tyrese picked up the camera and turned on the iPod to play their “video mix”.  The bass line for Top of the World came on.  Taraji approached the bed slowly. “Do a little strip tease for me. Touch yourself.”  Tyrese immediately got into the role of director.  Taraji paused and gave him a confused look.  “Come on baby,” he said.  “Do it for the vine!”

She laughed and started to give him a little dance, undressing in her best sex kitten fashion. Soon things were getting heated.  Taraji came toward him and started to play with his package.  As she got down to business, she looked up to see him playing with the buttons on the camera.  Even worse – he wasn’t getting hard.  “Uh, ‘Reese?  What the hell, man?”  She backed up to look at him quizzically.

“My bad baby – I’m too focused on getting this camera to work. Start again.  But look at the camera the whole time, like they do in the movies.”  She began again, giving him what he asked for.  This time he responded.  After a few minutes of fellatio, he had more directions for her. “Okay. Now lay back and pull up your legs.”  As she did as asked, he tried to enter her, guiding himself with one hand while trying to get the camera angled correctly with the other.

All of a sudden a hand came across the screen out of nowhere.  He looked up to see Taraji glaring at him. “Hey punk! Quid pro quo, you know the drill. How you gon’ try to bang when I’m not even ready yet?”

“Oh! Sorry baby.  I’ve got my hands full with the camera.  But check this out.  I bought you a Rabbit, so you could do yourself.  That way, you can enjoy yourself and I can film it and get in good and close!”  Tyrese leaned over into the nightstand and pulled out a dildo with a quivering attachment.

“I’ve never used that.” She started to sit up.  He stopped her with a plea in his eyes. “Oh come on, T! Just a few shots to get the view I want, and then I promise I will never bring it up again!”  He gave her his best puppy dog eyes.  “Pleeeeeeezzee!!!”

She reluctantly agreed and grabbed the Rabbit.  She fumbled with it and gave an exasperated sigh.  “How do you do this?”  She handed it back to him to turn on, and then accepted the twitchy quivering machine from him.  She paused again.  “Are you sure?” She asked.  She wasn’t, but she was going to trust him on this.  At his nod, She leaned back and started playing with it.  And whaddya know?  It wasn’t half bad.   It wasn’t long before she was wet.

“Okay, slide it in, baby. Good.  Just like that.  Turn the vibrator part off.”  Tyrese was working with the zoom function, and not noticing the look of defiance on Taraji’s face.  She pretended to ignore him and left it on, continuing her newfound rhythm. “Okay.  Keep going.  Push it all the way – yeah like that.  Now flip over and use it doggie style.  Yeah.  Wait that buzz sound is going to be on film.   Just turn the vibrator part off.”  He insisted again.

“I can’t,” Taraji panted. “I don’t know how…You just hurry up and film what you want.”  She continued to use both parts of the toy.

Tyrese returned to director mode. “Okay now lay back and open your legs. Right.  That’s perfect!  Keep stroking like that.  Okay now – wait don’t close your legs.  Spread them again. …Stop clenching!  T spread your –”

“Aaaahhaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhuuuhhhh…” Taraji came harder than she had in a decade, and promptly passed out.


STAY TUNED FOR THE CONCLUSION NEXT FRIDAY! I know, I left you (and Tyrese) hanging, but this was too long for one post.  I promise to wrap this up next week!!  Muah!! And I’m out!